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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I have been truly transformed due to your guidance. You helped me believe in myself so I could succeed and start a new life. I enjoyed the relaxing hypnosis sessions and the healing meditations and have shared your services with my family and friends. I feel blessed to have found you. Warmth & Love". Beth A.W. - Kirkland, Wa.


Dr Centeno, Thank you so much for all the tools you have given me. I’m a very feeling person and sometimes that can lead to anxiety or stress. You have shown me how to Meditate and breath and know the science of the mind. My physical health has benefited and I’m in charge of my feelings more each day. It will only get better. I believe in all you do. You are the best. Thank you again. Sincerely, C

Ken V.

"I was a dealing with PTSD for many years. I tried everything. Medications just made me tired and I could not deal with the side effects. When I found out about Dr. Centeno's meditation therapy I went to see him to see if it would help. I was shocked to find that I was better after the 8th session. Now I'm off the medications and treat myself naturally with what I learned from Dr. Centeno. I am eternally grateful". Kenmore Wa.

I was truly surprised at how my nightmares and attention to negative past experiences began to fade away and then end completely with this particular meditation technique. Bonnie, Bothell Wa



"The experience I had with Dr. Centeno was truly life changing. I had high anxiety, depression, insomnia and enuresis. My husband watched me suffer for years and is astonished at how after 3 months of treatment all of my symptoms subsided. Dr. Centeno is compassionate and understanding. His treatment of meditation and guided imagery has shown me the way back home. I feel like I'm back in my body again! Thank you Dr. Centeno"- Bothell

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