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Mindbody Wellness Center hosts

licensed practitioners and certified providers of Mind-Body Medicine. Practitioners practice only natural complementary and alternative treatments.

To guide, teach, and empower people to experience the behavioral, emotional, and spiritual change, growth and healing they desire through natural methods.


To provide the best and finest care possible in a safe, comfortable environment where, dignity, sensitivity, and confidentiality are paramount.  

To help our clients achieve balance, peace and happiness and help them achieve their personal goals, and live a life of joy, spirit, peace-of-mind, and abundance.

To provide our clients the latest researched Mind Body Medicine treatments and resources with which to change blossom and grow.



The center was founded by Dr. Efrain Centeno a Clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, and mind-body specialist to people find relief from physical and psychological distress using natural wellness methods.


We specialize in trauma, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fears, eating disorders, anger issues, chronic stress, and Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD). We also address chronic pain and aid in the recovery of cancer and Heart disease.   We also address weight loss, confidence building, childhood traumas, and phobias.


Clinical Hypnotherapy,  Virtual Reality Treatment Life Coaching, Couple coaching, Mindfulness Therapy, Body & Breath Movement, Guided Imagery, Meditation Therapy, Anger Management and other natural tools.


To achieve wellness, we provide techniques that create balance and peace of mind while developing a greater understanding of the self.


We use and teach scientifically-validated mind-body medicine techniques that enhance health and healing. 

Experience these natural wellness techniques for yourself.


Call us for a free consultation at 425-202-5899 or schedule an appointment now online. Just click the schedule button on the menu.

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